+ What is your photography experience?

I graduated from Dakota State University in 2012 and started working at a technology company. That same year, I started doing weddings occasionally on the side but eventually decided I had a passion for photography and chose to pursue it full time.

+ How far in advance needed to book?

If I have the date open, it's all yours! Wedding bookings can happen anywhere from a few months before and even a year or more. All other sessions are pretty flexible, again, as long as the date is available!

+ What if we change our wedding date?

No problem! If I have your desired date available for changing then its all yours! There won't be an additional retainer fee for the change. If I'm already booked, I can definitely pass along some contact info for experienced photographers.

+ Do you travel?

Absolutely! I love to travel and will pretty much go anywhere. We can discuss it in more detail based on your wedding plans and desires for documenting the day.

+ Do you edit all of the photos you give us?

Yep! I personally go through each photo to edit them with a natural, but stylized look. I don't "photoshop" or manipulate anything in the photos, only correct coloring and minor blemishes.

+ Can we share our photos on social media?

YES! I love social media and seeing clients share their favorite images. You share the rights to the photos and can use the images for your personal use however you like. I do appreciate any tagging or photo credit :)

+ How do we receive our photos?

You'll receive a disc or USB with all of the final photos in two different versions; print and web safe. This way you can share on social media and print with no image quality issues. In addition, there will be a document accompanying them giving you the printing rights to wherever you'd like.

+ How many hours do you cover for weddings?

The starting collection price covers 8 hours, which in most cases takes care of everything. If we talk through the wedding day and decide more than 8 hours is needed, we can talk through what that looks like and pricing changes.

+ Is there a session retainer fee?

Yes, to book the wedding date a $500 retainer is required.

+ Do you use a second shooter?

Yes, but not always. If the couple requests a second shooter it's an additional $150 on the wedding collection price. If we go through the wedding plans for the day, with no second shooter planned and I determine I will need more help I have some very talented shooters I will bring at no additional charge due it being an unforseen need.